Terms and conditions for foreign customers

1) Payment before in Euro (€) via PayPal (my e-mail address is my PayPal account)

2) Plants Price + at least 12 € postage (small package) + 3 € packing + 4 % PayPal fee will be charged for EU countries, 5,7 % for non EU countries.

3) Minimum order - 25 €

4) Delivery of a parcel on your own risc outside EU

5) I´m sorry, no phytosanitary certificate

6) For your order use the Excel file below. Make your choice and fill-in the column "Units". Then send it to me on e-mail caudex@volny.cz including your delivery address and wait for my confirmation of available plants and the total cost. Then send me a payment (my PayPal account is my e-mail address). 

7) The process from your order to the shipment delivery can take up to 3 or even 4 weeks.

The plants offer will be sent by e-mail upon request. In case of interest please ask for it on following e-mail address: caudex@volny.cz